Each of us was given a specific assignment to achieve in this lifetime. It was handed to us before we were born. As children, we were connected to that authentic purpose, expressing ourselves in our own unique ways. Most of us lose touch with who and what we truly wanted to be by the time we become adults.

In Vision is Victory, Carey Conley takes you on a journey to discover who you were always meant to be. Through the activities provided you'll identify what's held you back from living your purpose and passion and how to move beyond those walls to create a vision that is bigger than any obstacle you might encounter.

As co-creator of the inspired community Infinite Nation™, Conley has carved out a niche helping others identify their desires and define their goals through vision building. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their visions into victories.

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"We thought we were big dreamers, but now we're dreaming even bigger and more focused on our vision,
thanks to this workbook."
- Angel Tuccy & Eric Reamer, Experience Pros Radio Show