Private Coaching

It is hard to describe what a year-long Mastermind program can do for you if you have never experienced it – it really defies a WORLDLY OR LOGICAL description.


These powerful get-togethers are designed to help you refocus, recommit
and re-energize your entrepreneurial efforts each month.


Over the course of a full year they are unparalleled for getting results! Thrive from the precious and profitable alliances formed with powerful entrepreneurs just like you.

  • You will redefine your expectation of success, permanently and at a much higher level.
  • You will learn leading edge business smarts that will save you significant time and money, plus help you avoid expensive mistakes.
  • You will build powerful business connections and partnerships, and almost certainly some deep and nurturing friendships too.
  • You and your business will move steadily forward. It is astonishing and powerful what can be achieved in one year of sustained forward motion!
  • You will leap over obstacles thanks to your new skills and the success mindset this support system will give you. Many amazing ideas and innovations are born from fellow entrepreneurs helping their peer Masterminders when their businesses are “stuck”.
  • The constant positive support system will give you the courage and wings to take your business to the next level.
  • Investing seriously in your business and your own personal success is a simple act that creates a disproportionately powerful mindset shift! You become a serious entrepreneur whose impact is significant and who leaves a legacy!

During your year in the program, you will have all of the opportunities included in the group coaching program PLUS the opportunities to spend a full day with an Expert, as a participant of a small VIP group of entrepreneurs.


powerful business focus and clarity on your next big business breakthrough


These special days are powerful, focused, unforgettable, super fun and designed to get you results FAST! (1 day, live or via webinar)
You’ll enjoy 10 monthly Expert Open House webinars with a national expert in a highly relevant business-building topic. Knowledge is power! Meet, interact and ask questions from our top experts. An excellent way to acquire Best-of-Breed entrepreneurial skills! (10 sessions, 90 minutes, monthly, via webinar)
You will enjoy 6 private coaching sessions with an expert to fast path your business progress. This is optimal for those who insist on maximum results. Nothing works better than having someone who has already solved your challenges show you exactly what works (and what doesn’t). (Six sessions, fifty minutes each, face-to-face or via webinar).
In the monthly group sessions we will provide:

  • Smoking hot live monthly (10) entrepreneurial training
  • Powerful support and accountability
  • Monthly (10) power hour expert Q&A calls to your questions
  • Live private retreats
  • Semi-private small group VIP retreats (4 person max)
  • Private 1:1 coaching sessions (6) (50 mins each)
  • Private Facebook group with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Private team room access to keep your program materials and recordings organized and available to you throughout the program
  • Monthly top business tips to encourage and support your training and business building process
  • Bootcamp quick start business training to get you started TODAY
  • & more!

As a BONUS for the private coaching you will be able to bring a staff member or colleague to the retreat at no extra charge.
You’ll also receive TWO semi-private VIP days with an expert.
PLUS – you will receive Advanced Class Training Modules. Due to the nature of this program space is limited to 10 participants.